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Cybertech Visa

3Sixty Networks completed the survey with the software we requested and the engineers completed the requirement by communicating with the local IT team and our in house Cisco Specialist team. We were so happy with the level of detail supplied that we tasked 3Sixty Networks to complete projects in Cairo and Casablanca.

Colin Gardner

IT Project Manager

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10:39:50 04-24-2014

3Sixty Networks were professional from start to finish and the IT Team at ASDA praised the ease in which the project was completed. The engineers ability to identify a problem and communicate that to our inhouse IT Team made it a no brainer to troubleshoot. We enjoyed this project and the daily updates and excellent supporting documentation allowed ASDA to be completely satifisfied this project was completed to our own high standards.

Steven Weaver

IT Manager

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09:37:21 01-24-2014
TK Maxx

3Sixty have delivered local presence throughout all of Ireland for TK Maxx for the last 12 months. The level of care and support along with the correct pricing structure has allowed this partnership to be simple and straight forward. The staff are a pleasure to deal with and their support application allows us to monitor an engineers progress and when he will be on site at the touch of a button. This is seamless partnership for us and we would recommend 3Sixty Networks local services to any company in the UK. Great job keep it up

Operations Director

Dave Hindmarsh

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12:55:52 09-03-2013
Daneo Human and Spiritual Services

Great job Great Advice and Great Price. The work completed by 3Sixty Networks ensured our existing system was relocated to our new premises without any hassle. The craftsmanship of the engineer was second to none and due to the nature of our organisation the respect and consideration by the engineer was over and above any telecom organisation we have used. We would not hesitate to recommend 3Sixty Networks to all local charities in Northern Ireland.

Margaret McGuire

Daneo Human and Spiritual Services

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19:15:43 08-22-2013
A1 Marsden Recovery

The price compared to other companies was less than half and the work completed by 3Sixty Networks ensured our existing system was configured exactly as we requested. The engineer's knowledge and professionalism filled us with great confidence that we had the right company for the job.

Top class work and would recomend any organisation with a Nortel Solution to give 3Sixty Networks a try!!

Kieran Rice

A1 Marsden Recovery


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09:37:39 07-17-2013

3Sixty Networks provide us with local installation and break fix services throughout Ireland. We deliver services to all major brands and blue chip customers. It was one of our current customers who recommended 3Sixty Networks. We contacted Colin Marshall and the partnership began. We were very impressed by 3Sixty Networks skillset, level of detail and ability to adapt and look after our customers and our business. We deliver managed services in the IP world and 3Sixty Networks have asssisted with the deliver of 100s of projects within our extensive data and voice solutions. We would recommend any orgnaisation throughout the world to give Colin Marshall a call to discuss local Cisco and partner services in Ireland.


Great Team Great Partner


Operations Director

Colin Davies

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13:58:07 02-13-2013
Menarys System Upgrade

3Sixty Networks was recomended to us by our Line Provider and we would recomend 3Sixty Networks to any retail organisation in Northern Ireland.

We had a major outage that required our existing system to be repaired or replaced. The advice support and price allowed Menarys to make the simple decision to replace our existing solution with a new Avaya IP 500 platform. The engineers from 3Sixty replaced our system in 2 days and ensured we were fully operational over this important period Christmas and the New Year.

The installation was straight forward and required very little input from our staff allowing them to continue their day to day duties without disruption. The team at 3Sixty Networks identified a more efficient way of dealing with customer enquiries. This was achieved by supplying our floor staff with DECT technology speeding up the way we answer customer queries about products and providing instant feedback to our customers.

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09:06:26 01-01-2013